The emotional compass points the way. Between the monotony of day-to-day-routines and heartfelt melancholia lies CHIEFLAND. Formed in 2015, the band mesmerizes its audience with an honest mix of storytelling, spoken words and atmospheric sounds. Stories of loss, unsure futures and personal journeys take on a vivid for in the band’s live performance and engage the listener in a cathartic ritual. The quartet released its much-anticipated debut album Wildflowers early in 2019 through Uncle M Music. The songs are topped off by a broad range of vocals from shouts to gentle spoken words that “convey so many emotions” (FUZE Magazine). CHIEFLAND played nearly 100 shows, supporting acts such as Being As An Ocean or Holding Absence. During the pandemic, the band underwent member changes and began writing new songs – very much in the vein of their debut album “Wildflowers”, but with singer Christopher Hiller taking over the vocals, CHIEFLAND reinvent their style and give their music a whole different flavour that will certainly strike fans of bands like Movements or Citizen. The seed of their musical makeover has been planted and will soon present the band in full bloom.